Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wrap of HIFF

Wrap of HIFF

1) I watched six films in Hawaii International Film Festival
• Red Dog
• Smokin’ Fish
• Love Birds
• Full Metal Alchemist
• Minds of the Water & the Eyes of the Whale
• Short Program #3
Of course, the reason why I chose those six films was that I was interested in those six films.
Red Dog:
This was the first time to Austrian film. Main character was a dog. I was interested in what people told acting to the dog.
Smorkin’ Fish & Minds of the Water & the Eyes of the Whale:
The reason was very simple. I like the documentary films and I like surfing. So, I was very interested in Minds of the Water because the story of it is that surfer try to solve the social problem.
Full Metal Alchemist :
I have watched and known series of it.
Short Program #3:
I think that short movie is difficult to create because putting everything in the short time is difficult. And I can learn and know many thoughts from short movie in the short time. This is the reason why I chose Short program #3
Love Birds:
I just wanted to watch it.

I attended to opening ceremony and meeting filmmakers in Rum fire. I did attended to meeting filmmakers in Rum Fire, but I was very nervous, so It was difficult to talk to filmmakers.

The most highlight of HIFF was the chance to watch many films from many countries Of course, Meeting and taking to filmmakers was great opportunity for me. In addition, Short Program was great for me because I can learn many thoughts in the short time.

Before I attended to HIFF, I did not know that there are many films in many categories. So, In Japan, I was always watched popular films and only popular films were good. However, There are many great films in the world even though it is not popular. So, HIFF gave me a new thought of films.

6) & 8)
All films that I saw were great, but Minds of The Water made me difficult because it was related to culture and social problem. The scene that few surfers went to Japan and stopped killing Whales by themselves made me shame because Japanese attacked them with sticks and shout them. Indeed, killing Whales are not prohibited in Japan. However, I think that there is another way to withdraw them. I know that it is difficult problem, but I felt something shame and bad.

I already invited some my friends to HIFF because there are many interesting films in HIFF. I hope that I attend to HIFF next year.

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