Monday, December 17, 2012

Project Presentation

Hello, class.

I upload my presentation's video. However, my English is so poor. I think it is so hard to listen and understand.

Please come to to see. Project presentation for Bishop Street Cafe.

Just in case, you cannot understand what I said. I explain what I said in Project Presentation shortly.

I divided my presentation into 3 parts,
System requirements, Feasibility analysis, and Idea note for better website
In system requirements, I am talking about what client needs
Easy editable website, photo gallery for food, all menu on one page, location map of the restaurant.
In Feasibility analysis, I am talking about what I can do for the client and I can accomplish their requests.
In Idea note for better website, I am talking about what contents or system should be appropriate for website, but I have talked to the client about that. I think that I will talk about it as soon as possible.

Thank you for listening!
Thank you all! Sam!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

User Story for Bishop St. Cafe

This is my user story for Bishop St. Cafe. I am in a progress to create a website through meeting. I have met the owner of Bishop Street Cafe several times and I got some requests from the owner. I show you what I got from them and what I need to create. If I wrong something to write User Story, Let me know what I got wrong.

The Benefit of Using JQuery

I was very interested in the chapter 11 “Enhancing SaaS With JavaScript” of Engineering long-lasting software because JavaScript is my first computer language, but I did not know much information of JavaScript. I cannot even explain difference between Java and JavaScript. However, this chapter talks a lot of information of JavaScript such as history of JavaScript, JavaScript fpr Ruby Programming, The Document Object Model and JQuery, Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX), and so on. To be honest, I am unfamiliar with those things. However, I have heard the term “JQuery” several times. JQuery is nice for web designer because of following reasons:

  • It is similar to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Easy to play with the DOM
  • Simplifies AJAX
  • It is free
  • Etc…

As I mentioned above, there are so many benefits by using JQuery. If we can use JQuery, our time will be shorter than using JavaScript. The reason why it provides saving time is that JQuery uses CSS. Moreover, people who know CSS can make an application through JQuery. I think that the biggest benefit is Cross-browser compatibility. It can run in all browser, such as from Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2.0, Safari 3, Opera 9, and Google Chrome. Thus, JQuery can run most main browser. It is great opportunity to save time and work effectively.

Percentage of user of JQuery

As I mentioned above, JQuery is one of JavaScript library. Prototype.js, and Mootools are known as other JavaScript libraries. I have never used both of them. However, people tend to use a JQuery because it provides us many benefits as I mentioned.

According to Web Directions, Around 1200 people who are web designers and programmers were asked which library they used. 62.80 % of all people answered “JQuery.” Of course, JQuery was top of that ranking. Second is prototype.js (23.26%), and Third is MooTools (19.04%). As you see the result, most of them uses JQuery. JQuery is one of great JavaScript library and it would provide us great benefit too.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Project #2

I found a restaurant which needs website. The name of restaurant is Bishop Street Café. Client wants website to edit by himself. I thought that I would make a website by Dreamweaver. However, he does not have Dreamweaver. Unfortunately, he is not familiar with using computer languages. So, I decided making website by WIX. It is free and easy to edit. I suggest him to create website by WordPress because it is also simple. But, he does not want to post something daily. That is why I chose WIX to create website for him. Creating website by WIX gives me a benefit too because I have never made a website by WIX. It will be great experience for me. I think that I need taking many pictures for website. Moreover, I think that I need to some pages to introduce restaurant, chef and owners.
Here is link to WIX

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Necessary steps of effective interview

An interview is one of essential process to do a project, such as creating website, film, database, and other projects. It is important as a meeting because we need much information for doing a project. For example, when I create a website for company, restaurant, or person, we need the information about website that they want. Web designer, programmer, or other creator needs a lot of information to create something. An interview is necessary to obtain information. The book “Chapter three of Systems Analysis and Design with UML, 4th edition” provides effective process of interview. It books mentioned that there are five steps when we interview someone.

  • Scheduling interview
  • Appropriate questions
  • Be prepared for interview
  • Be informed question to interviewee
  • Understanding of issue

Each step has some keys to interview effectively. Most important step of scheduling interview is selecting a right interviewee. An effective interview requires three people who stand in different positions such as senior manager, midlevel manager, and employee because they are totally different opinions for an issue. The process of interviewee who stand in different positions is “Starting with senior managers, moving to midlevel managers, then staff members, back to midlevel managers and so on,” Book says.

There are three types of questions such as Close-ended, Open-ended, probing question for interview. Close-ended can be answered in only one word or very short phrase. Open-ended question should be answered longer and deeper than close-ended question. So Open-ended question requires more specific response than close-ended question. Probing question is another way to obtain more detailed response from interviewee. Its kind of question helps an interviewer for better understanding of an issue. Moreover, using 5W is one of an effective way of probing question.

I think that there are two important things about a preparedness of an interview. Taking everything on a note during interview is one of two. And another one is thinking how we ask a question. It means which question is first and last. The book says there are two ways to ask questions which are top-down and bottom-up. Top-down strategy is starting with general and broad question about an issue, Then questions would narrow and be specific. Bottom-up strategy is opposite strategy of Top-down, is starting with specific question, then to general question.

Question should be informed every interviewee because some interviewee need time to consider response for an issue. As I mentioned above, we should interview more than three people who stand in different positions. Knowing an order of question and process of interview are one of ways of effective interview.
Understanding issue is most important for interview. Book says that “The only thing worse that appearing dump is to be dump by not understanding something.” we should definitely avoid misunderstanding about an issue. So, if we do not understand something during interview, we should ask question to understand.

There are other important steps to interview, but I think that those kinds of steps are most important things on this section. We cannot avoid interviewing someone to create something. So, remembering those steps definitely helps us to do effective interview.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Process for creating a good product!

When I read a chapter 8 “Software Maintenance: Enhancing Legacy Software Using Refactoring and Agile Methods” of Engineering Long-Lasting Software, I totally agreed with Maintainability. It says that there are four important points of maintainability. Those points are important for creating a better product than before. The book says following categories:

  • Corrective maintenance is to fix defect and bug.
  • Perfective maintenance is to expand the function of software for new customer.
  • Adaptive maintenance is a process under the system is set to adapt the change inside or system environment.
  • Preventive maintenance is to improve structure of function for the future.

The purposes of those kinds of maintenances are to improve a product. I think that all of those categories of maintenances are so important. When I read it, I associated contents of those four categories of maintenances with my previous job. I was engineer and fix machines that makes display for phone, television, and any other device that needs a display. The machines were doing the same mistakes a lot and after 2 hours I fixed the machines, they would do the same mistakes again and again. If we did correct maintenance for them, it would be working better. In my case, we need Adaptive maintenance and Preventive maintenance.

Anyway, maintenance is so important to improve software to make better products. I think that understanding those four maintenances are most important contents of chapter 8. For example, if I make a machine that makes a game. We can check that program runs well or not by process of corrective maintenance. Then, if I have an idea for new customer, or get an idea from customer for making better game, I will expand a function of game for customer and new customer by the process of perfective maintenance. Adaptive maintenance does mostly the same process of perfective maintenance. I can get a new idea for next product or other good functions for the game for future by process of preventive maintenance. If I got wrong idea from this chapter, please let me know what I got wrong.