Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project #1

I e-mailed marimed foundation. They want a new website. They prefer making a website by WordPress. The reason why they want a website by WordPress is that they want to post a something daily. So, I think that WordPress is appropriate for them because WordPress is kind of journal website. Moreover, I think that it is great idea about choosing WordPress because WordPress is kind of simple-to-make tool to create a website. Creating a website is not easy by Java, HTML and other computer languages. If people want a website by them, they will need some programming skills, computer skills and any other technical skills for web. In addition, So much time is needed to create by them. However, WordPress provides us so many templates. I think that there is definitely appropriate template. Of course, it is easy to edit such as posting images, videos, and so on. In case of Marimed Foundation, I think that there are not people who can use HTML, or any kinds of computer language or who are familiar with computer languages. I have never used WordPress and any other simple-to-make tool to make a website. I think that it is great opportunity for me because I am majoring in web design. So, I think that creating web site is always great experience to me.

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