Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Chance to watch the LION KING

This is the LAST CHANCE to watch the Lion King 3D in Ward Center!

I went to watch Liion King 3D in the ward center last Friday because Lion King is the best of other Disney's movie and Lion king 3D is open only two weeks. From September 16 to 30,

There are only 3 days to watch the Lion King 3D.

Lion King was produced many years ago. I am not sure when it was produced, but I just remember that I watched it when I was elementary student. Moreover, we did not B-ray and even DVD. So, it was VHS. However, now we can watch it in 3D. Our technology has developed so much from that time. So, The technnology makes Lion King different one such as sound, resolution, and so on. I really enjoed watching Lion King 3D.

Indeed, it Changed only sound and resolution, but I think that It is worthwhile to watch it.

I recommend watching it!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Act of War

I strongly remembered that a woman said "we are not American." in the film.

I think that its story was very historical things. In addition, it is also related to problem of race. Hawaii is part of America. it is common sense. Before I came here, I just knew aboutit and temperature is hot. Hawaiian culture is very traditional such as dance, agriculture, music and so forth.

In the beginning of the film, many citizens were arrested by police because they boycotted for destroying. I thought that it was very painful events for them because they just protected the traditional things. people usually want new and convenient things. Those things usually are created by destroying old and traditional things. I thought that it could be helped, but we need to keep traditional things because traditional things are very important for history. moreover, It could be a chance to know how people lived in the past. For example, hula and Hawaiian music tell us how Hawaiian lived in Hawaii. After I watched the film, I felt that keeping traditional things are very important.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MULT 3360 Bio

My name is Yoshiyuki Fukagawa. I am from North of Japan and second year student at H.P.U

My hometown is very country side, is called "AOMORI." "青森" in Japanese Character. It means BLUE FOREST because 青 = BLUE 森= FOREST. It is famous for APPLE and TUNA.

I live in Japan most of my life. I graduated from elementary, junior high, high school in Aomori in Japan. My hometownis near northeast coast. So from when I was elementary student, I always went to beach in Aomori. In addition, after I was 15 years old, I worked like a fisher man. But, it was was like part-time job. The ocean of Hawaii is totally different from my hometown. Hawaii's is very beautiful. I am going to start surfing next week. Tell me tips of surfing if you can.

My major is Web Design in Multimedia. AND I have just met two people who aremajoring inthe same major as I am. I am taking programming course in this semester. It is very hard to me. I hope that I want to finish all classes in this semester without any problem.