Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Chance to watch the LION KING

This is the LAST CHANCE to watch the Lion King 3D in Ward Center!

I went to watch Liion King 3D in the ward center last Friday because Lion King is the best of other Disney's movie and Lion king 3D is open only two weeks. From September 16 to 30,

There are only 3 days to watch the Lion King 3D.

Lion King was produced many years ago. I am not sure when it was produced, but I just remember that I watched it when I was elementary student. Moreover, we did not B-ray and even DVD. So, it was VHS. However, now we can watch it in 3D. Our technology has developed so much from that time. So, The technnology makes Lion King different one such as sound, resolution, and so on. I really enjoed watching Lion King 3D.

Indeed, it Changed only sound and resolution, but I think that It is worthwhile to watch it.

I recommend watching it!!

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