Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MULT 3360 Bio

My name is Yoshiyuki Fukagawa. I am from North of Japan and second year student at H.P.U

My hometown is very country side, is called "AOMORI." "青森" in Japanese Character. It means BLUE FOREST because 青 = BLUE 森= FOREST. It is famous for APPLE and TUNA.

I live in Japan most of my life. I graduated from elementary, junior high, high school in Aomori in Japan. My hometownis near northeast coast. So from when I was elementary student, I always went to beach in Aomori. In addition, after I was 15 years old, I worked like a fisher man. But, it was was like part-time job. The ocean of Hawaii is totally different from my hometown. Hawaii's is very beautiful. I am going to start surfing next week. Tell me tips of surfing if you can.

My major is Web Design in Multimedia. AND I have just met two people who aremajoring inthe same major as I am. I am taking programming course in this semester. It is very hard to me. I hope that I want to finish all classes in this semester without any problem.

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  1. Aomori sounds like a great place. Why do they call it "Blue Forest"? In my mind, forests are green, not blue. Does the ocean tint it blue somehow?