Friday, December 14, 2012

Project #2

I found a restaurant which needs website. The name of restaurant is Bishop Street Café. Client wants website to edit by himself. I thought that I would make a website by Dreamweaver. However, he does not have Dreamweaver. Unfortunately, he is not familiar with using computer languages. So, I decided making website by WIX. It is free and easy to edit. I suggest him to create website by WordPress because it is also simple. But, he does not want to post something daily. That is why I chose WIX to create website for him. Creating website by WIX gives me a benefit too because I have never made a website by WIX. It will be great experience for me. I think that I need taking many pictures for website. Moreover, I think that I need to some pages to introduce restaurant, chef and owners.
Here is link to WIX


  1. Interesting. Do you think WIX is better than Google Sites? Which is also free. A professional blogger would include a link to the WIX web site ...

  2. I think that both WIX and Google sites are nice. But, WIX provides some nice templates for a restaurant I guess. So that why I choose it. And I made a link to WIX web site through a picture.

  3. ah, well done. Do be careful with linking images - many people, e.g. me will not necessarily realize they are linked, so always good to link the name in the text as well, e.g. - I'm looking forward to seeing the restaurant site you're creating

    1. Ok. I will make a link to WIX with a text. I am working on creating website, but I need to meet my client to make sure. So, I hope that i will publish it before new year. When I publish it, I will let you know. Thanks!