Monday, December 17, 2012

Project Presentation

Hello, class.

I upload my presentation's video. However, my English is so poor. I think it is so hard to listen and understand.

Please come to to see. Project presentation for Bishop Street Cafe.

Just in case, you cannot understand what I said. I explain what I said in Project Presentation shortly.

I divided my presentation into 3 parts,
System requirements, Feasibility analysis, and Idea note for better website
In system requirements, I am talking about what client needs
Easy editable website, photo gallery for food, all menu on one page, location map of the restaurant.
In Feasibility analysis, I am talking about what I can do for the client and I can accomplish their requests.
In Idea note for better website, I am talking about what contents or system should be appropriate for website, but I have talked to the client about that. I think that I will talk about it as soon as possible.

Thank you for listening!
Thank you all! Sam!

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